Hotel Maintenance Experts

Tailor-made Solutions For Hotel`s Specific Needs.

The solutions that HME presents are specifically focused on the maintenance of hotel facilities, whose needs and priorities, although similar to other buildings, have very specific needs Maintenance of critical systems in hotels with high availability, ensuring compliance with very demanding SLA’s.

Our Services

We have certifications and legal qualifications to carry out the maintenance of critical systems.

Critical Systems in Hotels

In addition to the integral maintenance of technical systems in hotel units, we also have specific services designed for critical hotel systems.

For hotels that choose to use in-house resources for ongoing maintenance, we offer additional services that help ensure systems are up and running.

Pumping Plants

We have electromechanical technicians specialized in the maintenance of these systems. We are strongly committed to preventive maintenance by condition control (with vibration analysis).


We have specialized technicians with great availability for technical assistance services in sanitary water heating systems and heating systems.

HVAC and Food Cooling Systems

With certified and many experienced technicians, we provide services of high technical capacity. We guarantee functionality and longevity of equipment.

Solutions focused on the Maintenance
and Management of Hotel Facilities.


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